Carla Voelcker Blakely

Recent Works


Every day, as living organisms on this planet, we are constantly exposed

to different natural elements. In ceramics, I have become more aware of these

elements and the inter-connectedness of them. It is a challenging process

working with air, water, fire, and earth, and it amazes me that the correct balance of elements can create echoes of existence. I am inspired by organic aspects of nature and the networking of relationships between myself and the environment.

This body of work is focused on the origin of humans and animals and the

connections we all share. My work plays with the symbolism of the

womb of nature, while nurturing human life.  By combining forms of fetuses and wombs made from nature, I intend to raise questions about the ongoing cycles of birth, nurturing, life and death, and our interdependence with the natural world.

The surface treatment of all my pieces is an important aspect to me. I want the

viewer to desire to touch my work. I choose to use glaze sparingly by using

natural colors and raw elements such as iron or just leaving the clay body raw. 

By keeping the color palette neutral, I want the viewer to relate my art to the

natural world. I also use a contrast of texture and color to enhance the

relationships between the exterior and interior of living organisms.

Clay is one of the most primitive mediums; civilizations have been using clay to

communicate spirituality since before written language.  Pottery was traditionally used in many vessel forms; this work explores the womb as one of the most primitive and yet enduring vessels. My work portrays the interconnections between living organisms and the life force behind them.


Artists Statement

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